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OrangeMeetsPink - waveform eeprom for The Harvestman Double Andore
Love the Double Andore?
Love the first bank of wavetables in it?
Wish the second bank would be something a bit more unique than the standard lin-log-exp stuff? (Have plenty of other envelop generators doing those, right?)
Well, I have a solution for you!
Presenting the OrangeMeetsPink eeprom for Double Andore.
The first (Orange) bank is the exact same 16 waveshapes as in the original. The second (Pink) bank, replaces the 16 lin-log-exp shapes with 16 new wavetables, more suited for looping/lfo-like duties, as well as some more wobbly, twisty envelop shapes. (Please see the manual for the pink bank waveforms)
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