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Lamb remixed!

Lamb – “Butterfly Effect (Polarbears Sthlm Remix)”
(Additional production by David Lilja and Patrik Rydberg)

This remix is a contribution to Lamb’s remixing contest and our entry can be streamed here:

The Walkthrough
The remix starts with a sampled microphone stand processed to sound like a deep cinematic boom. There’s also a slow ambient drone in the first 8 (or so) bars.
Then an arpeggio, created using a Eurorack modular, begins which sets the rhythm throughout the remix.
The drum arrangement starts and an additional sampled woking pan (played with chop sticks ) rhythmically playing a bright percussion like sound, add to the package. We’ve also sampled the cardboard box from a MoogerFooger while drumming on it with our fingers. It’s introduced after the first verse.

Lou’s vocals are sent though a compressor and the last couple of syllables in every phrase is emphasized by a special effect – different every time. In the second verse we’ve added a stereo widening effect to Lou’s alternative vocal track too. There are an additional seven tracks with vocal cuts adding effects to the soundscape.

After the first verse the original 303 track is introduced, in a cut up version to fit the time signature. Yes, sorry. The time signature is 7/8th – surprise – through out the remix.

We’ve added a distorted virtual cello, a tape delayed electric piano, lots of drones and a sampled glass pitcher (using the drum stick Andy kindly threw right at us during the Stockholm concert – thanx mate!). There’s also a match lighting up in the mix.

Besides that, there are a lot of Eurorack modular patches sampled, cut in pieces and processed, processed and yet even more processed.

The build-up towards the end, adding distortion to the original double bass track and some other already distorted tracks everything eventually, more or less, explodes in an ambient swirling soundscape (again with the sampled microphone stand) while the vocal twists more and more as the track fades.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our creativeness. We tried the whole hog here, literally.


Polarbears Sthlm
David (@paleskinnyswede) and Patrik (@therealrydan)

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mindXpander Triumphant Return

The new mindXpander album Triumphant Return is (finally!) released! It’s a digital only release, available in a huge variety of formats, including lossless FLAC/ALAC.

Get your copy at bandcamp!

Also available on soundcloud for your streaming pleasure.

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New remix released

Finally, the Edin/Ådahl remix of “Reser till kärlek”, released as (Chuck Dread Remix) will be published/released! It’s a dance/club remix of the Edin/Ådahl classic song “Reser till kärlek”. A press release has just been sent out to 700 recipients, so we’ll be having a very interesting journey from here to there…!

If you want to know more about the release and download the remix, please have a look into the press kit right here

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Live: The missing knobs…

Ever missed havig 8 assignable automatable knobs för sending midi cc to external instruments, much like the device racks have for adjusting effect parameters? Me too! So, well, if you have Max4Live, now you can have them. Just get 8ctrl from Max4Live patches

Also, the CV suite is updated. Parameters should now be automatable, they weren’t before due to a silly mistake…

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Max4Live patchbank online!

The patchbank page for my (hopefully ever increasing) collection of Max4Live patches is online! First out is a collection of M4L plugins to generate ControlVoltage signals (much in the same vein as Volta/SilentWay). They’re free, so, if you need them, go check them out at: Max4Live

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Audio pulses to midi clock using Arduino…

Another little project, or rather proof of concept. I was considering solutions like the Innerclock Systems SyncLock, using an audio track to send sample accurate clock, and converting that to a very stable midi clock.

Also, I considered the problem with starting and stopping midi clocked sequencers in sync. Normally, the main sequencer sends a sequencer start to all clocked equipment when you press play, and a sequencer stop when you press stop. That’s all fine, but what if something goes wrong (especially live) and you need to stop one seuencer, fiddle with something, and then restart it in sync (or, what if you accidentally press stop on a sequencer). I, for one, would very much like the possibility to have the sequencer restart in sync on the next downbeat.

So, I thougt, what if you divide the clock signal between two audio signals, one signalling start of bar, and the other signalling running clock. I dug out my Arduino and breadboard, and with a bit of (very simple) patching and coding I came up with this:

Ableton live is feeding two clock signals (pulse waves), via an UltraLite mk3, to two digital input pins (with interrupts) on the Arduino. The arduino is generating midi clock using the timing from the clock signals and in turn driving a Machinedrum UW. A button enables me to start/stop the MD on the downbeat of the bar after the button press. In the demo you can hear the MD starting/stopping in sync with Ableton Live:s metronome.

Update: Since a few people have been asking me for the code, and since I’ve been notoriously bad at answering, the code is available here:

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Streetlab remixed by Pretorium

At you can both listen to, and vote for, the Pretorium remix in Streetlab’s remix competition presented and hosted by Salacious Sound.

This is what DJ Cal @ Salacious Sound had to say about the Pretorium remix:

“I think Pretorium is another one that is under represented at the moment – the production quality is extremely high, and what’s more, it’s a really interesting track. It’s among my top picks from the lot for sure.. reminds me of some old school Massive Attack shit.”

The other entries are really good, so give them a listen too and cast your vote.

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mindXpander World Premiere

Last Friday, on the 9th of April, our brand new track called “Blue Creatures” had its world premiere. It was aired in the radio show Magic Beat and it defines the sound of our upcoming album, “Triumphant Return”.
You can listen to a re-run of the show on their website.

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