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Patrik “Rydan” Rydberg

Patrik “Rydan” Rydberg was born in Eskilstuna, Sweden in 1975. From an early age, he was very fond of finding and playing little melodies on the family piano. From the moment he got to fiddle around a bit with a relative’s Hammond organ, he got interested not just in music, but sound in general and in audio technology. Over time, focus shifted towards synthesizers and the larger sonic palette on offer. A focus on sound that remains to this day.

Patrik is a sound designer, composer, musician and technichian. He loves to experiment with sound and audio technology, and has among other things made a song using nothing but white noise as audio source, and “a cappella”-remixes, where he has used only the lead vocal as audio source.

Patrik’s musical influences are diverse, and range from commercial pop music, via synthpop, EBM, Techno/Trance/Ambient, Heavy/Death Metal to noise, drones and experimental electroacoustic music. His own productions lean towards the quirky/experimental electronic segment, while his collaborations and remixes tend to be slightly more well defined affairs.

rydan on SoundCloud

Showcase by rydan

mindXpander – Xpanderland (album, 11 songs) #1

Moccazine live sessions
MoccaLive CD release

The Zone – Dope (Gearsluts drop it remix)
Social Ambitions – Do You Want To Go (Gearsluts gone remix)
Strangers In Wonderland – Addicted (Gearsluts Rehab Remix)
In Strict Confidence – My Despair (Gearsluts strictly a cappella remix)
Daniel Lindström – Caught In That Feeling (Gearsluts cought in the loop remix)
Anna Ternheim – Girl Laying Down (Gearsluts torn beadspread remix)
Libra – You Amaze Me (Gearsluts Amaze Remix)
Flatrate – Don’t give up (Gearsluts never surrender remix)
Vasa Gospel – This is the day (Gearsluts nightly remix)
Pandora – Don’t you know (Gearsluts gone remix)
Emmon – Lips on fire (Gearsluts extinguisher remix)
Little Boots – Earthquake (Gearsluts shaky 16th remix)
Caroline Larsson – Hold on my heart (Gearsluts let go remix)
Röyksopp – Tricky Tricky (Gearsluts International vs Pretorium Remix) #1
Bubbles – You Dog Me Out (Hubba-Bubba Bubbles Remix) #1
Bubbles – You Dog Me Out (Troubled Bubble Remix) #1
Jeremiha – Love Anthem (Radio Edit) #1
Jeremiha – Love Anthem (12 Remix) #1
Nom de Guerre – So Long Sister (Twisted Sister Remix) #1
Thomas Di Leva – My Eternal Loving (Nocturne Version) #1

Soco Studio / Moccazine live music cafe – Stockholm

Sample library / Sound design
Randgrid – Drumkit samples
Royal Institute of Technology – sound design for commercials and information movies

#1: Together with David Lilja

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