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Rydans M4L area

Welcome to the M4L area. Here you will find M4L-patches that I think might be useful (and resonably finished/user friendly). They come with absolutely no warranty. You are free to use them, even in commercial productions, but you are not allowed to redistribute or sell them, or take them as starting point for other Max/M4L patches you intend to distribute or sell. (At least not without checking with me first). If you like them and use them a lot, you are also free to send me an email and tell me, send me a copy of the music and/or send me a donation via PayPal. ;o)

The download has moved. All patches (and some more stuff) are available to download on my public GitHub. Best way to stay up to date is to use git and clone the repro, but it’s downloadable as a standard zip as well.

Rydans CV suite
Located in the CV folder of the git repository.
First out is the (ever growing) collection of Control Voltage plugins. Have synths/fx that accept CV in? Have an audio interface that can output DC? You’ve come to the right place! These are my small patches for generating different kinds of CV straight out of live. I have created them mainly because I need them when working with my eurorack modular. The current lineup is:
SimpleMidiCtrlCV: A simple plugin with a knob for just sending a DC level out. It’s slightly more useful due to the fact that it is controllable by mod wheel (or any midi CC for that matter). Also, it can be used with live automation to, pretty much, create and CV shape or form you can think of. It also has a slew knob, to round of the edges…
TrigGenerator: Sends a short pulse out for each received midi note. Useful for clocking sequencers and stuff.
STG-CV AD: A simple A-D envelope, with adjustable shape for both A and D stage. Trigs on midi note on. Monophonic, polyphonic input will result in strange output…
STG-CV AR: A simple A-R envelope, with adjustable shape for both A and R stage. Trigs on midi note on/off. Monophonic, polyphonic input will result in strange output…
Cylon Modulator CV: A semi-clone of the Livewire Vulcan Modulator. It consists of two LFO:s, with selectable triangle/square waveform (with symmetry control). LFO2 can modulate LFO1 speed, and output is selectable between LFO1, Sum, Multiple, Max and Min. Also, selectable unipolar/bipolar operation, and an amount knob, controlled by modwheel in.
DrunkRandomVoltages & FluctuatingRandomVoltages
Different random voltage generator implementations (I like random!). Drunk versions are based on Brownian Motion, and the Fluctuating one are a software replica of the Fluctuating Random Voltages section of the Buchla 266.
Quadrature LFO. LFO with two outputs, where channel 2 is 90 degrees phase shifted from channel 1. Using this with a balanced audio interface (like MOTU) and insert cables, means you will get 0 and 180 degrees on the insert cable from channel 1, and 90 and 270 degrees on the cable from channel two, that is, full quadrature, using two outputs.

Note! To use these plugins, at least together with MOTU interfaces, it’s important to use a TRS cable with the ring unconnected (tip-tip, sleve-sleve, ring not connected). Failing to do so might damage your audio interface, according to motu. This is the same as when using Volta.

8ctrl (v1.0)
8ctrl is a very simple but handy midi plugin to send midi CC to external instruments or plugins. It has 8 (automatable) knobs, each with an assignable midi cc number. Choose what midi cc to send in the number box, and tweak the value knob to send it. It passes though all incoming midi as well, so you can use it in combination with other midi plugins, and/or multiple copies if you need more than 8 controllers.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me at:

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