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Fyllemixar Studios

DJ Different and DJ Cactus’ two Fyllemixar studios where they create megamixes, record DJ sets and more…

DJ Different:

  • Technics 1200 mkII (x2)
  • Technics 1210 mkII

DJ Cactus:

  • Technics 1210 mkII (x2)

DJ Different:

  • Denon X1500

DJ Cactus:

  • Behringer BCD-3000


  • Shure M44-7 (x2)
  • Stanton Groovemaster II RM


  • Sony MDR-V700DJ
  • Pro-Luxe PX660 (x2)

DJ Different:

  • Sony amplifier
  • Yamaha EQ
  • Jamo speakers
  • Creative fourpoint surround

DJ Cactus:

  • Centrum amplifier
  • A set of noname speakers

Cables, computers, cables, cables, some more cables, some more computers, yet some more computers and at last…some computers….

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