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David, 31, Stockholm
(Composer/Mixing/Remixing/Mastering/Sound Design/Photographer)
David started playing the Clarinette at the age of nine and the Piano at the age of ten. Fell in love with the synthetic sounds created by Jarre and got his first synth at the age of 13. David is very interested in the wide electronica scene and is creating mostly everything from slow and rhythmic soundscapes to fast, uplifting, goa-trance. His influences are almost everything that makes a sound.
Studio: Beta Pictoris Laboratory

Fred, 40, Gothenburg
(Songwriting/Mixing/Remixing/Project Manager/A&R/Producer)
Fred has done music since the age of five when he borrowed his sister’s guitar. In countless bands he has played bass, guitar and drums. Apart from the rock/pop/punk/alternative scene, he is a skilled classical piano player. Fred’s influences are many. Britpop is the main one, but he also favours electronica, Heavy Metal, Rock, 60’s, 70’s and Alternative.
Currently, Fred’s focusing on remixing, and is also building up a network of artists and record companies that might be able to feed some more cool music into Cut & Paste.
Fred signed a songwriting deal with Scandinavian Songs in February 2008.
If you are interested in some sort of collaboration with us, Fred’s the guy to contact.
Phone: +46 708 187 487
Studio: Studio mini

Leffe, 32, Timrå
At 16 years of age his DJ career started after being inspired by the Max Mix series since the 80’s. In the beginning he mostly played at the local youth centre, but as he became older he found a mentor at one of the night clubs in town.
After a long time of absence, he decided 3 years ago to once again pursue his DJ career and has since then amassed quite an impressive setup of shiny fluffy DJ gear. Since he is a tech junkie, you can always catch him at various DJ forums checking gear out or answering questions where he can help.
Leffe likes many different genres but the electronica scene is where his interest is focused at. He’s currently DJ’ing hard dance and happy hardcore, though about to venture into breaks and maybe even house. Leffe DJ’s under the name DJ Different, a name he acquired by a bunch of night club visitors – now his friends – not knowing his real name, and you can more often than not find him on the net under the abbreviated DjDiff.
Studio: Fyllemixar Studio

Patrik (Rydan), Stockholm
(Composer/Mixing/Remixing/Sound Design/Lecturer)
Patrik (more commonly known as Rydan) started playing the Piano when he was eight, and the French horn when he was nine. From the moment he got to fiddle around a bit with a relative’s Hammond organ, he got interested not just in music, but sound in general and in audio technology. Over time, focus shifted towards synthesizers and the larger sonic palette on offer. This focus on sound remains to this day, and he has among other things given lectures in digital audio. Musically, Patrik is mainly into electronica, although he has also played in different symphonic and wind orchestras.
Studio: Gearlust Studio

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