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One dark evening in 1989, David and Patrik met for the first time and started to discus computers, synthesizers and music … a conversation that would change the history of music…

Are you sure that you are ready to enter the world of mindXpander? =)

Two full length album has been release together with appearances on seven compilations and two megamixes.

mindXpander – “A Tribute To Laserdance” (HYPS 71006)
mindXpander – “Xpanderland” (HYPS 71016)

Synthesizer Dance vol 1 (HYPS 71005)
Synthesizer Dance vol 2 (HYPS 71008)
Synthesizer Dance vol 3 (HYPS 71011)
Synthesizer Dance vol 4 (HYPS 71014)
Synthesizer Dance vol 5 (HYPS 71018)
Synthesizer Dance vol 6 (HYPS 71023)
Synthesizer Dance vol 7 (HYPS 71031)

Hypersound Megamix vol 1 by Maarten Verlaan
Hypersound Megamix vol 2 by Maarten Verlaan

External link:
mindXpander @ Spacesynth.net

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