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Cut & Paste is four friends working together with one goal in common – the passion for music!

Active in three recording studios and one DJ studio, David, Fred, Leffe and Patrik have gathered their musical experties from different areas to be able to give you the most, whether it’s a song written from scratch, a remix, a lecture, sound technician assistance, a live gig or a throbbing, blasting, mindblowing DJ set.

Did you know that in …

  • 2008 – We were the first (ever) to remix some artists, like Barbados, Frank Ã…dahl and Strangers In Wonderland. Also, there were quite a few of our productions made that year that got released.
  • 2007 – We had remixed some international artists, like Erasure, Pandora and Roxette
  • 2005 – We took on DJ Different, our amazing DJ
  • 2003 – We took on Fred, our brilliant manager
  • 1998 – Dead Frog Records began working with us on a regular basis
  • 1989 – The Cut & Paste concept was created in a basement in Eskilstuna, Sweden

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