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Beta Pictoris Laboratory

David’s studio, Beta Pictoris in Stockholm, is the base from where he creates everything from old-school mindXpander tracks to hard pumping, uplifting, Ypsilon 5 goa tracks.

Clavia Nord Modular G2, E-mu Audity 2000, Korg Z1, Roland JV-2080, Yamaha SY35.

Intel C2Q running Steinberg Cubase 4

Soft synth:
Cakewalk Rapture, DiscoDSP Discovery Pro, FabFilter Twin, G-Sonique Alien 303, Gforce Minimonsta, Native Instruments Battery 3, FM8, Kontakt 3 and Massive, rgc:Audio Z3ta+, Sonic Charge ┬ÁTonic

Audio Damage, Camel Audio, FabFilter, Ohmforce, reFX, Universal Audio and various free stuff

Interfaces, Sound cards & Effects:
Creamware A16, Emagic Unitor8, Midiman MidiSport 2×2, Motu 2408 mk3, Studio Projects VTB-1, Universal Audio UAD-1 (x3)

ADK A51s

Event Tria

Beyer Dynamics DT-250, Sony MDR-EX51B

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