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Long time no hear….

…but that’s just because we all have been unusually busy! Planning live shows, writing songs, remixing, mastering, producing etc…

So I just wanted to drop a short note on what’s new on my front. Basically, I’ve been writing songs, and not much more. Well, I’ve sold a couple of production backing tracks as well and managed to master an album for Mike & Andy and has got some interesting projects on the go…

Apart from that I’ve started to write for the music blog Blindmen.se [in Swedish] – about the music industry from a record company’s perspective.

The fun thing is, that a remix I made like 6 months ago has really taken off in the podcasting world! Here are a few samples of podcasters that recently played my remix of Strangers In Wonderland’s Addicted:
http://www.dalecast.co.uk/episodes.htm | Episode 514
http://bigphil.libsyn.com/ | Show 175

Apart from that, I just got a pair of new studio monitors that I am very pleased with!

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