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Lamb remixed!

Lamb – “Butterfly Effect (Polarbears Sthlm Remix)”
(Additional production by David Lilja and Patrik Rydberg)

This remix is a contribution to Lamb’s remixing contest and our entry can be streamed here:

The Walkthrough
The remix starts with a sampled microphone stand processed to sound like a deep cinematic boom. There’s also a slow ambient drone in the first 8 (or so) bars.
Then an arpeggio, created using a Eurorack modular, begins which sets the rhythm throughout the remix.
The drum arrangement starts and an additional sampled woking pan (played with chop sticks ) rhythmically playing a bright percussion like sound, add to the package. We’ve also sampled the cardboard box from a MoogerFooger while drumming on it with our fingers. It’s introduced after the first verse.

Lou’s vocals are sent though a compressor and the last couple of syllables in every phrase is emphasized by a special effect – different every time. In the second verse we’ve added a stereo widening effect to Lou’s alternative vocal track too. There are an additional seven tracks with vocal cuts adding effects to the soundscape.

After the first verse the original 303 track is introduced, in a cut up version to fit the time signature. Yes, sorry. The time signature is 7/8th – surprise – through out the remix.

We’ve added a distorted virtual cello, a tape delayed electric piano, lots of drones and a sampled glass pitcher (using the drum stick Andy kindly threw right at us during the Stockholm concert – thanx mate!). There’s also a match lighting up in the mix.

Besides that, there are a lot of Eurorack modular patches sampled, cut in pieces and processed, processed and yet even more processed.

The build-up towards the end, adding distortion to the original double bass track and some other already distorted tracks everything eventually, more or less, explodes in an ambient swirling soundscape (again with the sampled microphone stand) while the vocal twists more and more as the track fades.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our creativeness. We tried the whole hog here, literally.


Polarbears Sthlm
David (@paleskinnyswede) and Patrik (@therealrydan)

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