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Even though …

… almost two thirds of January has passed and we haven’t written anything doesn’t mean we’re not busy with the music production and things linked to Cut & Paste.

So, what will we give you during 2006? Good question. We will bring you more remixes and aim even higher. We will be a pain in a certain part of the human body until some hotshots give us material to work with. Fred, our fabulous project manager, is right now in the middle of contacting some star who are about to be known of our existence. Maybe sounds like some maffia business, but we are nice – we promise! You can sleep with both your eyes closed and we will pat your dog nicely.

Ypsilon 5 have been booked for a gig at Stockholm Trance Festival just outside Stockholm, Sweden.

David (that’s me) has produced a demo which will be sung be the lovely Daniella and re-produced to hopefully be one of those nagging tunes you’ll hear during the summer of 2006. The name of the song is “Eyes” and you can download the instrumental demo here. Beware of the TR-909 samples, the thick strings and the full-on all through the track. Okay. You have been warned.
The name of the project hasn’t been decided yet, but if you got a great suggestion just let us know.

David (still me) has also produced a short piece, assisted by DJ Different (that’s Leffe), which sounds like a piece featured in a motion picture. Let us know what you think after you’ve listened to it. Yet, untitled, you can grab it here (yes, it’s an OGG and you should be able to play it in Winamp or iTunes without any hysterical fuzz).

Fred has been remixing like a total mad man and it’s just a matter of time before his alternative versions end up on singles and EP’s in any record store near you.

As you probably know, our remix of “Love Anthem” by Jeremiha will be released any day now as a white label vinyl in Australia and this will be our first release of 2006 but definitly not be the last!

Stay tuned, keep the faith and brace yourself because we will be around for a very long time …

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