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No, we’re not dead or lost…

…we’ve just been rather busy.

David and I (Patrik) are working on the new mindxpander album, and it’s beginning to take shape. Yet another song was completed last week. Still a few to go, but we’re getting there. I’ve also submitted a track to the elektron-users compilation effort Machine . That, another remix or two, and work on an upcoming (and still pretty secret) sample library has kept me rather busy.

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Ypsilon 5 preview online

There’s a preview of a new Ypsilon 5 track uploaded at the Ypsilon 5 Facebook page.

Have a listen and comment if you like, or dislike, it!

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Röyksopp remixed

Patrik and I (David) took the things we know best (strange noise and quirks versus soundscapes) and did a remix of the amazing “Tricky Tricky” by Röyksopp as an entry for their remix competition. The remix, titled “Gearsluts vs Pretorium”, can be heard in its full length at Soundcloud.

More remixes and original compositions will be released later this fall.

Come with us!

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mindXpander on the air

Patrik and I (David, doing the typing tonight) have been in the studio working on various projects. We’ve made a new mindXpander remix of the jingle for the radio programme Magic Beat on Norwegian radio station Radio Nova. We’ve also been tidying up a track we performed live at the Norbergfestival so there might be a new album taking shape.

To stream the Magic Beat show on Friday at 21:00 (9pm for 12-hour readers) simply point your browser to Radio Nova and click “LYTT” up in the left corner. It’s a Norwegian show, but the music is great!

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mindXpander – Live!

We (Patrik and I, David) are back from the Norbergfestival and the gig was a blast! We loved every second of it and the crowd danced the night away, even to the slow and charming songs.

After soundcheck hell with rebooting synthesizers and vocoder trouble the gig flowed extremely nice (until one synthesizer rebooted in the last song).

There’s a video shot by Pål Hverven using his mobile phone (so the sound it aweful) at YouTube.

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Fred plays bass on new single by Gina Jacobi

Gina Jacobi releases her first single in 14 years, in Swedish, today. Fred plays bass on the track. The title is Tusen frågor and is free for all to download and spread.

Just enter and click on the Swedish flag to get to the news page, where you can download it.

Happy listening!

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Third place!

The Pretorium remix ended up in third place, which means that you’ll soon be able to buy it at Klicktrack and iTunes and hopefully be able to stream it via Spotify.

HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for us!

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Emmon remixed by Pretorium

My Pretorium remix of Emmon’s track “Lips On Fire” is one of five to win the remix competition over at Release Magazines site.

You can listen to the five final remixes in the player to the right at the site and then vote via e-mail.

Now I need Your help to reach what could be my, and Cut & Paste’s, big break!

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